Panel Beating Townsville

Panel Beating Townsville

Body Repairs and Restoration – Panel Beaters in Townsville

Has your car been damaged and need repairing from qualified panel beaters in Townsville?

Shannon Crash Repairs works together with a broad range of clients to rejuvenate the look of any vehicle. We use the latest technology and machinery to perform any minor or major repair work.

Whether you need to fix a minor scratch, dent, bump, or need major structural repairs – we can get your vehicle back to its optimal condition.

Professional Technicians

The Crash Repairs team have years of training and experience in performing a range of vehicle body repairs.

We train every team member in all forms of vehicle repairs including welding, panel beating, spray painting and chassis straightening. They have access to high quality machinery to get the job done right the first time, every time.

With our care and attention-to-detail, your vehicle will be restored as close as possible to its manufacturer standards.

Our Services

Shannon Crash Repairs provide a broad range of repair services to restore the look and functionality of any vehicle.

We provide the following services for you:

  • Repairing dents, bumps and scratches
  • Making or forming new panels
  • Replacement of glass panels
  • Removal of rust and corrosion
  • Fitting new vehicle hardware such as door locks or handles
  • Chassis straightening and realigning the body frame
  • Removing and replacing any automotive electric components
  • Filling, sanding and grinding to restore smoothness to the surface

Insurance Repairs

If your vehicle has been damaged and your insurance will cover the cost of repairs, reach out to Shannon Crash Repairs for an obligation-free quote.

We’re a fully licensed and qualified provider of insurance repairs for private, government and company-owned vehicles.

Your panel beater will communicate with your insurance provider to get the work done. Simply bring your vehicle in for an inspection, get a quote, and you’ll have everything you need to make a successful claim.

An Easier Process

It’s easy to have your car serviced by professional panel beaters in Townsville.

  1. Simply contact us by phone, email or personal message. 
  2. Our team will be in touch to discuss your specific needs and arrange an onsite inspection. If you wish to share photos with us before the inspection, we can assess the condition of your vehicle this way. 
  3. Once the vehicle has been inspected, you’ll receive an obligation-free quote from us. 
  4. All panel beating work is performed onsite by licensed professionals. We’ll keep you updated on the progress during the entire project. After the job is done, you’ll be notified that your car is ready to be picked up.

Why Choose Shannon Crash Repairs

  • Professional and experienced panel beaters 
  • Wide range of body repair services 
  • Trusted insurance repairs provider 
  • Available for vehicles of any make or model 
  • Obligation-free quotes

Call (07) 4775 4797 to get an obligation-free quote from professional panel beaters in Townsville.