Chassis Straightening in Townsville

Chassis Straightening Townsville

Chassis Straightening and Alignment for Townsville Motorists

In the event of a major accident, the chassis can become misaligned and affect the performance of your vehicle. When this happens, it may become harder to steer, brake and maintain control of the vehicle.

Shannon Crash Repairs are the specialists in chassis straightening for all makes and models.

Our shop is conveniently located in Townsville and we use the latest equipment to correctly align any kind of chassis. We aim to get your vehicle back on the road so you can enjoy a smoother, safer and more comfortable ride.

Professional Realignment

Realigning the chassis is an extremely precise task and should be only performed by a licensed technician.

The Crash Repairs team have many years of experience realigning chassis’ for many different vehicles. We have access to laser technology that’s so advanced – it can realign to the nearest millimetre!

Whether your chassis has become naturally worn out, or you’ve recently suffered a major accident – we provide reliable and affordable chassis straightening in Townsville.

Friendly Customer Service

Shannon Crash Repairs has built a reputation for our open and honest customer service.

We understand bringing your vehicle into the shop can be stressful. That’s why we ease your concerns by guiding you through the whole process.

At your first meeting, your trusted technician will assess the current condition of your chassis. If the chassis is repairable, we’ll take you through the steps needed to realign it and any other parts affected by the structural damage.

You’ll then get an honest and upfront quote before any work goes ahead.

Increased Performance

After your car is serviced, you’ll immediately notice the difference in your vehicle’s performance.

Many of our clients will comment on how smooth, agile and easy to drive their vehicle is. We take every precaution to ensure your vehicle will be roadworthy. And safe to drive on all surfaces in any weather conditions.

Best of all? Your vehicle will be ready to drive away from the shop!

Why Choose Shannon Crash Repairs

When your car just isn’t performing like it should – you can trust us to get you back on the road safely.

For over 17 years we’ve helped hundreds of drivers recover from serious accidents. And rediscover the joys of driving with a smoother, more comfortable ride.

  • Complete chassis realignment
  • Realigned to manufacturer specifications
  • Friendly customer advice and support
  • Enjoy a smoother and more comfortable ride

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